To represent Canada’s vibrant and flourishing ornamental horticulture value chain at the national level passionately and effectively


  • To ensure that elected officials and public servants are well informed about the economic and environmental importance of ornamental horticulture in Canada as an integral part of Canadian agriculture
  • To provide leadership with a unified, well-articulated position for sound public policy on issues that affect the competitiveness and/or markets of the sector
  • To obtain government recognition for the value and benefits that our plant products and services provide as solutions for society –
  • To lead research and innovation in collaboration with government that advances the application of science and technology in our sector, leading to solutions and opportunities that benefit Canada

Our Core Values

  • We are a value-driven organization that uses the funds provided by our members to serve the best interests of the value chain we represent
  • We do business in a collegial, transparent and accountable manner, working together to achieve shared goals
  • We set our priorities by reference to three principles: (a) the issue impacts our members (b) the issue is national in scope (c) and the issue is more effectively addressed by COHA-ACHO than by any of its individual members alone
  • We serve our members in both official languages equitably

About Us

The Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance is a working alliance of not-for-profit organizations that represent interests of Canada’s ornamental horticulture value chain.  At the present time, there are three members:

COHA-ACHO provides an effective body for coordination of joint actions and unified positions.  The partner organizations believe that by working together they have greater impact and use resources more effectively than any singular effort could achieve.

Organizations interested in joining COHA-ACHO should contact the Alliance Director .

  • Mélanie Grégoire (Serres St-Élie, QC)
  • Philippe Caissie (Quebec, QC)
  • Jerome Giguere (Botanix, QC)
  • Dave Captein (Blue Magic Greenhouses Ltd. BC)
  • Anita Heuver (Eagle Lake
    Nurseries, AB)
  • Phil Paxton (Wheatland Trees, AB)
  • Andy Kuyvenhoven, (Kuyvenhoven Greenhouses Inc. ,ON)
  • Rodney Bierhuizen (Sunrise Greenhouses, ON)
  • Anthony O’Neill (BC)

COHA-ACHO has a Research Committee that actively manages a portfolio of research projects while scouting for research opportunities. You can learn more about COHA-ACHO’s research at

  • Sheila Jones, Alliance Director

Contact Sheila