Leadership Position Opportunity with one of Canada’s national agricultural organizations representing the ornamental sector

Issued October 29, 2020

COHA-ACHO Alliance Director

The Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance/Alliance Canadienne De L’Horticulture Ornementale (COHA-ACHO) has a compelling vision: To represent Canada’s vibrant and flourishing ornamental horticulture value chain at the national level passionately and effectively.  More information about COHA-ACHO is available at www.coha-acho.ca

Due to the pending retirement of the individual currently in the position, COHA-ACHO is undertaking a national search for this senior staff leadership role in the organization. COHA-ACHO is seeking applications from individuals who are keen to provide this leadership to position our organization for optimal outcomes in its relationships with government.

Lead the activities of COHA-ACHO to create impact and results

  • Working COHA-ACHO’s three members (Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, Flowers Canada Growers and Québec Vert), the Alliance Director will provide strategic leadership and deliver the action plans approved by the Board of Directors
  • Serving as “the ambassador” to represent the sector with skill and enthusiasm in all dealings with government and other key external partners, for example, in the research community

Ensure the optimal functioning of COHA-ACHO as an effective alliance

  • Work with the Executive Directors of COHA-ACHO’s three members to ensure that the organization is well managed
  • Support the work of the Board of Directors through effective preparation for meetings, excellent documentation of decisions, and timely reporting of actions and finances
  • Ensure that an appropriate budget is established annually and achieved
  • Ensure that external and internal communications, both those communicated through the website and social media, and those given verbally, effectively articulate the consensus positions of the Alliance
  • Oversee the work of service providers to ensure sound project management in the delivery of the research cluster and other projects funded in part by government and effective communications

Skills required

The Alliance Director will be a successful relationship builder, holding the confidence of the Board and colleagues, and known and respected as a trusted partner in all dealings.  The individual chosen will bring strategic vision – the ability to assess needs and opportunities and formulate action plans to address them on a timely basis. The Alliance Director will have confidence and skill in working with public officials, both those in elected office and those in the public service, to articulate the sector’s needs and positions and to advocate for its interests.

As the position is accountable to the Board and has no day-to-day oversight, the Alliance Director needs to be a self-motivated individual who has the acumen to assess what needs to be done and get it done, with the support of the members and the Board.

Excellent oral and written communication skills, in French and in English, are required.

Submitting your application

In addition to supplying a resumé, COHA-ACHO is asking applicants to specifically address the following points :

  • Your experience in association management with not-for-profit organizations and in working independently with Boards of Directors
  • Your experience in working with public officials, elected and in the public service, with examples of outcomes you have achieved
  • One or more examples of written communications you have prepared in the last two years
  • One or more examples of relationship-building you have undertaken and the network you have developed in consequence
  • Your knowledge of the ornamental sector and how you would increase your current knowledge level

This position is a part-time position that the individual can execute from a home office anywhere in Canada. The base annual compensation, including office expenses but excluding travel, is $3,000 per month.  There will be opportunities to increase the base compensation through project related work.  In your application, please state how much time you will be able to devote to this position for this floor level of compensation.

The starting date is January 2021.

If you have questions, please email james@coha-acho.ca and refer to the COHA-ACHO website where questions and answers will be posted for all candidates to access.

The competition closes on November 24, 2020.  Please email your application to james@coha-acho.ca   All submissions will be acknowledged within business one day of receipt.